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Digital, Political, Radical

·    Author: Fenton, Natalie
·    ISBN 13: 978-0745650876
·    ISBN 10: 0745650872
·    Publisher:  Polity Press (12 Aug. 2016)
·    Date published: 2016
·    Page:     232 p.
·    Key Words: Political participation Technological innovations;     Communication in politics Technological innovations;     Democracy;     Radicalism
·    Local:     02041001546                            323.042 FEN 2016
·    Phòng DVTT KHTN & KHXH-NV - Kho Nhân văn tham khảo


Digital, Political, Radical is a siren call to the field of media and communications and the study of social and political movements. We must put the politics of transformation at the very heart of our analyses to meet the global challenges of gross inequality and ever–more impoverished democracies. 

Fenton makes an impassioned plea for re–invigorating critical research on digital media such that it can be explanatory, practical and normative. She dares us to be politically emboldened. She urges us to seek out an emancipatory politics that aims to deepen our democratic horizons. To ask: how can we do democracy better? What are the conditions required to live together well? Then, what is the role of the media and how can we reclaim media, power and politics for progressive ends? Journeying through a range of protest and political movements, Fenton debunks myths of digital media along the way and points us in the direction of newly emergent politics of the Left. 

Digital, Political, Radical contributes to political debate on contemporary (re)configurations of radical progressive politics through a consideration of how we experience (counter) politics in the digital age and how this may influence our being political.