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Learning and teaching real world problem solving in school mathematics

This book examines empirical and theoretical research on the interplay between school mathematics and the real world in order to construct a new, multidimensional instructional problem solving theory. The author considers this new instructional theory in a variety of contexts, including socio-cultural, STEM and virtual world education. The book discusses the implications of teaching real world problem solving in school mathematics. Throughout, the author includes narrative of his own experiences in the classroom.


  • Author:  Jurdak, Murad
  • ISBN 13: 9783319082035 
  • Publisher: New York, NY : Springer Science+Business Media
  • Date published: 2016
  • Page: 199 p.
  • Local:  00041001853      371.3 JUR 2016        P. DVTT Tổng hợp - Kho tham khảo