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Mindfulness : living through challenges and enriching your life in this moment

Mindfulness: Living Through Challenges and Enriching Your Life In This Moment shows how the ancient practice of mindfulness can help us live a fuller and more enriching life.

  • Presents material through a balance of clinical case work with the author’s personal stories of the Dalai Lama, ninja, and Zen Buddhism
  • Reveals ways that mindfulness can be applied to modern problems based on psychological principles and evidence-based programs
  • Shows how to apply mindfulness principles to a variety of problems, including stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and more
  • Provides guidelines for readers to conduct their own mindfulness training sessions at home


  • Author: Sears, Richard W
  • ISBN 13:  9781118597583
  • Publisher: Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons Inc.
  • Date published: 2014
  • Page: 272 p.
  • Local: 02041001531    158.1   Phòng DVTT KHTN & KHXH-NV - Kho Nhân văn tham khảo