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Psychology of aid

Psychology of Aid provides an original, psychological approach to development studies, focusing as it does on the social aspects of aid and the motivational foundations. Designed as a practical tool for looking at development projects in a new and structured way, the authors bring many of the social apsects of development and aid together in one book; from the needs of the Northern donor to the public tensions between Third World host and foreign development agencies.


  • Author:  Carr, Stuart
  • ISBN 13: 9781138865730 
  • Publisher: London ; New York : Routledge
  • Date published: 2014
  • Page: 253 p.
  • Local: 02041001504   338.9 CAR 2014   Phòng DVTT KHTN & KHXH-NV - Kho Nhân văn tham khảo